Kitty Kelly McGorry

National and International competitive freestyle skater from Canada with double gold medals in figures and freestyle in both Canada and the United States.  Coaching skaters for the past 15 years, her students have competed at the Regional, Sectional, Junior National, National, and Adult National levels.

Kitty has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theatre; from Northwestern University and Yale.

Coaching and Personal Achievements

Team Ashburn Coaching

Kitty has a long history of working in the ice skating industry.  She has been with Team Ashburn for 7 years and has coached at the following levels:

- 2012 Consultant Intermediate
- 2013 Coach Assistant Juvenile
- 2014 Exhibition, Pre Juvenile
- 2015 Beginner 2, Pre Juvenile, Open Juvenile
- 2016 Juvenile
- 2017 Open Juvenile
- 2018 Open Juvenile

Competitive Background

- 1983 Canadian Novice Ladies Bronze Medalist

- 1989 Represented Canada at the World Professional Championships

Ice Capades

-  1988-1995 Principal in Ice Capades
-  1989 TV movie:  “Ice Capades with Jason Bateman and Alyssa Milano” – Can Can solo
-  1994 TV Movie: “Dorothy Hamill’s Ice Capades: Cindrella… Frozen in Time”

Ice Theater of New York and Icesemble in Chicago

-  1996-1999 Icesemble in Chicago
-  1999-2001 Ice Theatre of New York

Silicon Valley Ice Theater (formerly RWC Ice Theatre)

-  2002-2006 Founder/Director/Choreographer
-  2004-2006 Coached Team to TOI Nationals
-  2006 Coached Team to TOI International

Capital Theatre on Ice 

- 2013-2019 Founder/Director/Choreographer

- 2013-2019 Coached teams to TOI Nationals