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Cass Cross


Cassandra is a national-level synchronized skating coach and the Director of Skating for the Team Ashburn Synchronized Skating teams.  She grew up in the Greater Boston area and is a life-long synchronized skater, having participated in the sport since 1995.  She has earned many national and international medals with The Colonials Synchronized Skating teams as a member of Team USA. 

She also won two national championships with the Esprit de Corps Adult synchronized skating team representing the Hayden Recreation Center FSC.  Prior to moving to Northern Virginia, Cassandra was the Assistant Coach of the Adrian College Varsity Synchronized Skating and Figure Skating teams in Adrian, Michigan.  Cassandra has coached synchronized skating teams from the beginner through elite-senior levels. 

She enjoys coaching skaters of all ages in the development of strong individual skating skills with a focus on the quality and execution of the basics, as well as moves in the field.  Cassandra is a member of PSA, USFS, is CER compliant, and a certified Elementary Education teacher.

Coaching and Personal Achievements

Team Ashburn Coaching

- 2017 Eastern Sectional Silver Medalists; Junior team
- 2016 National Bronze Medalists; Intermediate team
- 2016 Nationally-ranked Novice Team (5th place)
- 2016 Eastern Sectional Champions; Intermediate team
- 2016 Eastern Sectional Pewter Medalists; Novice team

Adrian College Varsity Synchronized Skating Team; Assistant Coach of Senior and Collegiate

- 2015 Nationally-ranked Senior team (6th place)
- 2015 Nationally-ranked Collegiate team (6th place)
- 2015 Midwestern Sectional Champions; Senior team
- 2015 Midwestern Sectional Pewter Medalists, Collegiate team
- 2014 Midwestern Sectional Silver Medalists, Senior team

The Colonials Synchronized Skating Teams, Skater from 1997-2004, 2011-2013

- 2013 Nationally-ranked Adult team (6th place)
- 2012 Nationally-ranked Adult team
- 2004 National Bronze Medalist; Junior team
- 2004 Finlandia Trophy (5th place); Team USA Junior team
- 2003 National Bronze Medalist, Junior team
- 2003 Eastern Sectional Champions, Junior team
- 2002 Nationally-ranked Junior team (6th place)
- 2002 Neuchatel Trophy Champions, Team USA Junior team
- 2001 National Bronze Medalists, Junior Team
- 2001 North American International, Team USA Junior
- 2000 National Bronze Medalists, Intermediate team
- 1999 National Silver Medalists, Intermediate team
- 1998 National Pewter Medalists, Juvenile team

 Esprit de Corps Synchronized Skating teams, Skater from 2009-2011

- 2011 National Champions, Adult team
- 2011 Eastern Sectional Champions, Adult team
- 2010 National Champions, Adult team
- 2010 Eastern Sectional Champions, Adult team