Brenda Hinkle
Director of Synchro Skills Teams

Brenda grew up in Massachusetts where she started skating at age 5.  She has coached for over 35 years and enjoys teaching many skill levels and skater ages.  Brenda has expertise in freestyle, moves in the field, synchronized skating and basic skills.  She has taught for the last 10 years at the Ashburn Ice House.

Brenda is a member of the USFS, PSA and LTS.  She has a Bachelor’s degree in Communication from Fitchburg State University in MA and enjoys her work and family.

Coaching and Personal Achievements

Team Ashburn Coaching

Brenda has actively coached the following team levels over 9 seasons:

- 2019 Synchro Skills 3

- 2018 Synchro Skills 3

- 2015 Preliminary, Beginner 1

- 2014 Pre Juvenile, Beginner 1

- 2013 Preliminary, Beginner 1

- 2012 Preliminary (Bronze at Easterns), Beginner 1

- 2011 Pre Juvenile (Pewter at Easterns), Beginner 1

- 2010 Preliminary (Bronze at Easterns), Juvenile, Beginner 1

- 2009 Preliminary (Pewter at Easterns)

- 2008 Beginner 1