Noelle Pearson

Noelle is a national-level synchronized skating coach for the Team Ashburn Synchronized Skating teams. She grew up in the suburbs of Minneapolis, MN and is a life-long synchronized skater, having started at the Juvenile level in 1997. She has earned three World Championships medals, several internationals medals, and is a six time National Champion with the Haydenettes and Team Braemar.

This is Noelle's second year as a coach after retiring from competitive skating in 2014.

She loves pushing skaters to their potential and watching skaters develop their individual skills that contribute to the team. Noelle is a member of PSA, USFS, is CER compliant. She serves as a member of the USFS Safe Sport committee and is a USFS Sanctions and Eligibility Officer for roughly 50 clubs in the Upper Great Lakes region. Noelle graduated from Framingham State University (Framingham, MA) with a bachelor's degree in Economics and double minors in French and Political Science.  Outside of skating she is the Director of East Coast Sales for a privately held company.


Coaching and Personal Achievements

Team Ashburn Coaching

- 2017-2019 Assistant Coach for IJS level teams

Haydenettes (Lexington, MA)

- 2014 World Team USA 1, Senior Team- 6th place-  (Courmayeur, Italy)
- 2014 National Champions, Senior Team
- 2014 French Cup (Rouen France), Team USA Senior
- 2013 World Bronze Medalists, Team USA 1, Senior Team-  (Boston, MA, USA)
- 2013 National Champions, Senior Team
- 2013 French Cup (Rouen, France), Team USA Senior
- 2012 World Bronze Medalists, Team USA 1, Senior Team-  (Goteborg, Sweden)
- 2012 National Champions, Senior Team
- 2012 Neuchatel Trophy (Neuchatel, Switzerland), Team USA Senior
- 2011 World Bronze Medalists, Team USA 1, Senior Team-  (Helsinki, Finland)
- 2011 National Champions, Senior Team
- 2011 Mozart Cup (Salzburg, Austria), Team USA Senior

 Team Braemar (Edina, MN)

- 2010 World Junior Team USA 1, Junior Team- 4th place- (Goteborg, Sweden)
- 2010 National Champions, Junior Team
- 2010 Spring Cup (Milan, Italy) Silver Medalists Team USA Junior
- 2009 World Junior Team USA 2, Junior Team- 5th place- (Neuchatel, Switzerland)
- 2009 National Champions, Junior Team
- 2009 Spring Cup (Milan, Italy) Silver Medalists, Team USA Junior
- 2008 Prague Cup (Prague, Czech Republic), Team USA Junior
- 2008 Nationally ranked, Junior Team, 5th place
- 2007 Zagreb Trophy Champions (Zagreb, Croatia), Junior Team USA
- 2007 National Bronze Medalists, Junior Team
- 2006 National Pewter Medalists, Junior Team
- 2005 Nationally Ranked, Junior Team- 10th place
- 2004 Nationally Ranked, Junior Team- 8th place
- 2004 Nationally Ranked, Novice Team- 8th place